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Latest 'Published' E-Book (as of March 2024)

"Murder in the Golden Dawn"
'Do what thou wilt'

An M.K. Cross Murder Mystery.

Murder in the Golden Dawn

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Next E-Book (Coming in 2024!)

"Murder in Salem"

Being the great, great grandson of the famous detective M.K. Cross isn't easy. There's a lot to live up to and it comes with a lot of responsibility. I know, he was born in 1880 and I was born in 1990 but the standards he built the Rubicon Detective Agency upon still remain at the forefront of the agencies operations. My father calls once and a while to remind me of that and point out any areas that he felt might be slipping. This would never have been allowed during his run as the head of the agency. I believe it. I am the 4th M.K. Cross or M.K. Cross the 4th if your a perfectionist but my father broke with tadition somewhat and named be Mark Kenneth Cross.

Most people I deal with especially those in the police force simply call me Cross. Speaking of the police force, a couple of New Scotland Yard detectives stopped by yesterday for a chat. I had been expecting that they would. It was juist a matter of time. There had been a string of horrific murders all across London in the past few months and leads were scarce. The public demanded answers and thats what usually triggered a visit. .......

Another M.K. Cross Murder Mystery.






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