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HTI is committed to the delivery of quality Project Management services. To this end, we are continually updating our methodologies, guidelines and templates to reflect what we have learned. Ultimately, it is this commitment to building consulting services based on 'Best Business Practices' that leads to the successful implementation of a Project Management Program. HTI can establish a Project Management Office that will provide the direction and support that is essential for ensuring that your organizations projects are implemented successfully. 

It is important to note that 'Knowledge Transfer' is always at the heart of any service we provide. We mentor our clients as to assist them in their understanding and adoption of new methods and technologies as we guide them through the implementation process.

Key Benefits of Using our Project Management Services:


We use a Measurable Process based on Microsoft's Sure Step Methodology and our PMO tool sets


We use a Deliverables based Development Approach


We produce Meaningful Project Plans






Business case preparation


Project Charter development


Project Plan preparation


PMO Setup and Management


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Our Top 6
Project 'Axioms' based on our more than 30 years of ERP implementation experience:

1.0 Number one is that you should be in it for the 'end user'. They are on the front line and they do the bulk of the daily work so they deserve the best support systems possible to assist and support them with their productivity and service goals. If the rest of the project team (corporate management, implementation partner, and software vendor personnel) are not commited to this objective then you will not deliver on the project objectives or recognize the expected gains in productivity. You will also have a very unhappy workforce and see many people leave your company.

If your project plan is being built by someone who does not commit to number 1, then you are headed for trouble!


There is no such thing as a 'Failure', there are just 'Varying Degrees of Success!

If you know someone who thinks this way then you are headed for trouble! There are project failures, and your project plan should be detailed and meaningful so you can see when and where you are failing so you can take corrective action ASAP!


Don't fix 'Symptoms', fix 'Problems!

In too many cases the real problems are ignored because the 'symptoms' are more visible. Dig deeper!


You cannot 'configure' or 'implement' what you 'do not know'!

Skipping through Data, Process or Business Analysis and/or Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) initiatives will not deliver a solution that meets your business needs.


The best ERP solution in the world 'can' be implemented badly.

There are 'three side's to the ERP implementation fence. The Software Vendor, the Implementation Partner  and the Client staff. Do your due diligence and pick your partner and your companies team members very carefully.


Really important ... Leave your ego at the door. Attitude is Everything!

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